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Summer Premium detail package

Rates run from $450-650

  • 8 hours
  • Starting at $450
  • 4701 w 97th place

Service Description

This is my Summer premium detailing package and will be loaded with value! This is a no-brainer type of a deal! This is likely the best package in the area. Not the cheapest but the best and most affordable package for premium detailing. I may need the vehicle for up to 1 day. This package will include a full interior cleaning and exterior wash and light exterior paint cleaning decontamination. I will preform a medium cut Ceramic polish to help remove the top layer of swirls and scratches at an incredible price worked into this package. The main reason for the ceramic polish is to make the car shine, give it a glow and create a clean slate for the FREE Ceramic coating! Yeah you read that right! This ceramic is a 6-12 month coating that has a super slick feel to it that will make any car owner excited. I was able to score a really good deal on a few bottles from one of my suppliers at a great price. So now Im paying it forward to my clients for a limited time in my Summer premium detailing deal. I hope you're able to take advantage of this years Summer deal! The ceramic polish is optional but highly recommended. If your vehicle is really dirty, your price will be higher Zeke

Contact Details

  • Lucent ReflectionZ - Auto detailing, Paint Correction and Ceramic coating., West 97th Place, Oak Lawn, IL, USA


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